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Flea Control

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You've just discovered fleas on your pet!

Now what do you do?? With the hundreds of options out there, it can be difficult to choose the best method. Follow the instructions below, for the safest & most effective way to rid & control a flea infestation. Each pet in the same household be treated regardless if you've actually seen fleas on them. When there's one, there's more guaranteed. Choose just one product for your pet(s) - do not use multiple products – doing so can have severe repercussions including overdosing. Do not use baths on any animal. It does not offer protection once dry & can also be toxic to your pet.

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Products we recommend for cats & dogs:

Dogs: Chewable NexGard, Bravecto, Simperica or Simperica Trio. For non-prescription, you can try topical Frontline Plus or Gold spot-on, Frontline Spray, or Vectra spot-on.

Cats: Topical Frontline Plus or Gold topical, Frontline Spray, Topical Bravecto or Topical Revolution Plus.

Dogs & cats: In some cases, your veterinarian may suggest treating with an oral tablet called Capstar, which is generally only given on the first day of treatment & usually only in severe cases. This would be in addition to the above-listed products.

Puppies & Kittens: Check with your veterinarian for best options. Many products are particular to size & age & your veterinary team will guide you. Otherwise, for over-the-counter options for puppies & kittens (from the age of 2 days & up) you can use Frontline Spray which you apply by hand by rubbing it into their coat every 30 days.

Treating Fleas at Home

  • Each pet should be treated for 3 consecutive months straight (if choosing Bravecto for cats or dogs, just 1 dose of Bravecto will last the entire 3 months of treatment!)

  • Treating your home (and your car if the pet has been inside in the past week) will speed up the process of elimination. The best product we've found is "Knockout" or "Mycodex" area spray. Spray all carpets & furniture including your car if necessary. Make sure all pets (including fish, birds, pocket pets, etc) are removed from the house during this process for at least 2 hours. And put any food away that is stored on counters, tables etc.

  • Wash any rugs, bedding, clothes & fabric toys that you can. Wash w/ hot water & regular detergent.

  • Whether you treat your home w/ Knockout/Mycodex or not, frequent vacuuming is advised. Toss your vacuum bag or empty your bagless immediately after vacuuming, outside & away from your home.

  • The best way to combat fleas is to prevent them in the first place. We recommend the above-listed products to be used year-round. Stop by anytime & pick up your supply (Revolution, NexGard & Bravecto are sold w/ prescription only).

  • Check your pets stool regularly for Tapeworms, as fleas often can cause an infestation.