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All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

Cat & Exotics Wing

Thanks to our knowledgeable and compassionate team members, we have created a cat and exotic pets only wing. This helps our feline, reptilian, avian and pocket pets feel less stressed while being here at our veterinary clinic

​This wing has a separate entrance located just off from our parking lot, where these pets can have little to no exposure to our very happy, sometimes noisy dogs. In turn, this more peaceful approach has lead to more relaxed veterinary exams for both the pets and their owners.

We strongly advise that all cats and exotics are brought here in a comfortable carrier of some sort, for their safety and mental health. We understand that your cat may not "like" their crate when they are at home.

However, their crate provides a safe place for them. Believe it or not, most cats (even those who dislike the crate at home) PREFER to stay in their crate during their visit here to our clinic. We may even examine them while they are in their crate to keep them calmer and happier.

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For our exotic patients, please make sure to always bring them in with a heat source!! This is essential to their health especially in winter months. You can use a heat disk, a water balloon or bottle filled with warm water.