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Glucose Curve

The best way to gather information for a glucose curve is to designate a notebook specifically for it. Whenever you bring your pet into the veterinary office, bring this notebook with you.

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Here is the step-by-step protocol for your pet’s curve:

  • Establish Baseline: In order to get the best information possible, we need to establish a baseline on your pet. The first blood draw should be done a few minutes prior to her regular feeding/insulin time in the morning.

  • Feed them their regular breakfast

  • Give insulin

  • Draw blood 2 hours after insulin injection.

  • Continue drawing blood every 2 hours until the level stays the same or is higher than the last one.

  • On the off chance that your pet is still dropping by 4pm, please call our office & consult w/ your Veterinarian for further instructions.

  • Report your curve results to your veterinarian each time.

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Glucose Curve Protocol for Cat's & Dog's

If at any time their glucose drops below 100, please call our office & consult w/ your veterinarian for further instructions. For this reason, it is best to the do the curve on a weekday. If you do the curve on a weekend & you have concerns, we are open Saturday from 9am – 1pm. If you cannot get in touch w/ us & you have an emergency, please call the 24-hour emergency vet clinic in Mosinee/Kronenwetter (PawHealth) for instructions (715) 693-6934.

Glucose Curve Schedule & Instructions

It is vital that you keep the time of day for feeding & insulin at the same time every single day, 12 hours apart. Any fluctuations in feeding or insulin injection times can alter your curve results therefore prolonging diabetic regulation. Feed the same food every day. No snacks throughout the day, as this can also alter your curve results.

If your pet refuses to eat at injection time, please refer to our diabetic “menu” to safely entice your pet to eat. This additional food should not be used regularly UNLESS your dog continues to not eat. In this case, please make sure to inform us of this.

PLEASE NOTE: If your pet refuses to eat on curve day, postpone your curve for 1 week. The foods you are using to entice your pet to eat may alter results, so it is important that your pet’s food regimen remains the same for curves

  • Start w/ a “baseline” blood test. This must be done prior to feeding & giving insulin.

  • Give food & then give insulin

  • Re-test 2 hours after baseline & every 2 hours thereafter until glucose start to rise again. PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes, you’ll see the glucose increased at your 2-hour post blood test. This is a normal fluctuation. Continue testing every 2 hours as directed above.