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All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

Pre-Surgical Information

Learn more on how you and your pet can prepare for their upcoming surgery.

  • When admitting your pet the morning of your scheduled surgery, please allow approximately 10 minutes to review your pets procedure with the veterinarian.


  • All owners must sign a surgical consent form prior to surgery. Here is a sample of our "Informed Consent" form.


  • Withhold all food and water from dogs & cats after 10pm the night before your pets surgery.  Please inform us if your pet had eaten or drank anything after 10pm the night before. Pets that have recently ingested food or fluid may vomit during or after surgery and can be life threatening.


  • Before the appointment, please walk your dog as usual, giving them ample opportunity to urinate and defecate.


  • Always have your dog on a leash or in a crate & cats confined in their crate, in order to help us maintain a safe and friendly environment for all our furry friends.

  • We ask all dog owners to please refrain from using a retractable/flexi leads as these are often safety concerns for both animals & people.

  • Verify that your contact information is current.